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We visited the newest VCR cafe in the trendy area of Bangsar Baru during a brief visit to KL last month. Previously, we had eaten at the original VCR cafe located near Bukit Bintang, from which the restaurant got its name – the space used to be used to rent movies on VHS (hands up if you remember them!). We were so impressed with the original VCR cafe that we just had to check out their new branch…

VCR Cafe Kuala Lumpur


When you walk into VCR cafe, everything has an effortlessly cool air about it. The place is minimal in the way that there is nothing out that is not needed, no extra decoration or unnecessary items, I kind of like that about the place. The service is great and you can tell that the people working here love it.


VCR cafe is known for their artisan coffee, serving espresso, filter and cold brew. Unfortunately, I’m not a coffee drinker, not on account of not trying, I have many times but just can’t seem to get on with the stuff. Instead, I had a tea and soda, which were very nice. I mean, you can’t really mess that up, can you?

VCR Cafe Kuala Lumpur - Potato waffle and Soft Shell Crab


VCR Cafe really has its eye on the ball with their brunch options – they have all the usual suspects but with a twist. Thankfully, they’re all good twists, not “why would you do this?” twists! They nod to different styles of breakfasts by including options like Turkish eggs, Scandinavian Gravadlax, as well as a classic English-style big breakfast of course.

We decided to try out the soft shell crab burger (RM 26). Although not technically a brunch item we just couldn’t resist. Crab has got to be one of my favourite kinds of seafood, it’s just such a pain to eat when you have to crack the shell open. Then comes along the soft shell crab – what genius came up with this sorcery?! Just deep fried the poor bugger whole and you’re laughing! This crab was deep-fried to perfection, not greasy at all, and the sweetness of the meat came through. The burger was topped with tarter sauce (obviously) and onion jam which was a nice addition. This burger gets a thumbs up from us.

VCR Cafe Kuala Lumpur - Soft Shell Crab

We also went for the potato waffle (RM 25) topped with mushroom fricassee, 63-degree egg, and tomato fondue. According to Dr Google, the 63-degree part refers to cooking the eggs in a water bath at 63 degrees for an hour to produce the perfect yolk. The internet is not wrong! the yolk was wonderfully runny and oozed out, coating the waffle in a luscious eggy sauce. The mushrooms could have been creamier. The potato waffle was unique, it had that undoubtedly waffle chew while being crispy around the edges. The potato flavour came through nicely but kinda wish it was a huge hash brown if I’m honest.

VCR Kuala Lumpur - Potato Waffle

We sure ended on a high with their French Toast (RM 19), which is what made us fall in the love with the original VCR. It comes with no-churn espresso ice cream, crumbles, raspberry compote, and mocha sauce. Let’s all just take a moment to look at the beauty that is the brioche french toast. It’s a beast! Don’t let its size fool you though, inside it’s as light as a feather. Also, the insanely fluffy brioche french toast was topped with espresso ice cream. Like I said before, I am definitely not a coffee lover but this ice cream was delicious. It reminded me of cold-brew, the bitterness was dialled down and there is a big hit of cream and sugar. The other additions completed the dish, acidity coming from the compote, and the crumble providing some great texture.

VCR cafe Kuala Lumpur - Brioche french toast


VCR ticked every box for us and is a great choice for brunch in Kuala Lumpur. We will almost certainly be coming back to this place every time we find ourselves in Kuala Lumpur.

Let us know in the comments below if you have been to VCR before and your favourite brunch cafes in KL.


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