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Oh, how I love the crispy deep fried pork that is Tonkatsu – one of Japan’s specialities. Tonkatsu is pork cutlet that is breaded, deep-fried and served with mountains of cabbage to take the edge off all the fry! We heard that Tonkatsu Tonki is one of the best places to eat these deep-fried beauties in Tokyo, so we headed down there for our first taste in Japan. Check out where else we ate at in Japan. We also highly recommend Katsukura, where they too know how to whip up a mean tonkatsu.

Tonkatsu Tonki


Tonki is an open kitchen style restaurant where you sit at a bar surrounding the central space, which is where the magic happens (at least the deep-frying, which is a sort of magic in our book). I loved the concept of this restaurant as you get to see the whole process of the cooking from start to finish. The chefs move with such finesse and show that they have indeed mastered their craft, which means a tasty meal for us and you!

Tonkatsu Tonki

Tonkatsu Tonki

Tonkatsu Tonki


Beer. Obvs.


As you enter Tonki, you are asked if you want lean or fatty pork, both are 1700 yen. I went for lean meat, as even though fat is flavour, I think the deep-frying is providing more than enough! Paul went for fatty, of course. They serve the tonkatsu with miso soup, rice, and a bottomless pit of free flow cabbage. This is great because the tonkatsu can be quite rich, so it’s nice to have some vegetables to counteract the fat and make you feel a tiny bit better about all the calories you’re consuming! As for the katsu, it’s all you can wish for; super crispy breading with perfectly cooked juicy meat inside; not rare as some places in Japan serve it.

Tonkatsu Tonki


Tonki is a great place to experience one of Japan’s iconic dishes and my personal favourite. The fact that you can watch the chefs in action adds a bit of drama to your meal. Really, I’m sure these guys have asbestos hands the way they handle the hot oil! 10 out of 10.

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