TongTemToh | Chiang Mai’s Hipster Hangout

Nimmana Haeminda 13, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand | map |

To the North-West of Chiang Mai’s old city lies a cute little neighbourhood full of trendy boutiques and coffee shops. This upmarket area has many dining options but you can easily pay a lot more than expected. TongTemToh is a fantastic little restaurant that isn’t too hard on your wallet. See the other restaurants we visited in Thailand.



You know its good when there’s a queue. Don’t worry, this goes down very quickly and you can order while you wait so the food is quick to arrive once you sit down. TongTemToh is your basic alfresco dining but has a nice laid back vibe.


Mostly Northern Thai Cuisine, which is my favourite as my Mum is from the North-East of Thailand. I have an obsession with deep-fried pork (72 baht) that is marinated and air-dried before frying. This ensures it is really crispy and when eaten with sticky rice (15 baht) it is unbeatable.

TongTemToh pork

I recommend to also order the Northern Thai spicy sausage (67 Baht) which is a heavenly herby mix of pork, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, and chilli. Damn tasty.

TongTemToh sausage

Another dish traditionally from the North of Thailand is Nam Phrig Noom (33 baht) which is a chilli dip served with steamed vegetables. Mum loves this stuff but it’s a little too spicy for me, shame those chilli genes weren’t passed down! We also ordered the banana leaf steamed chicken (57 baht) which isn’t much to look at but tastes fantastic!

TongTemToh spicy dip

TongTemToh steamed chicken


TongTemtToh is an awesome place to visit in Chiang Mai, especially if you want to try authentic Northan Thai cuisine. The stand out dishes was the deep-fried pork and spicy sausage, which have to be eaten with sticky rice!

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