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The first MARBLING & MARROW Christmas party was held at Salted & Hung! They specialise in curing, smoking and pickling in their dishes that revolve around different cuts of meat. This is right up our street and we’ve wanted to try Salted & Hung for some time now. When we saw that they were doing a Festive Feed Me menu we knew this would be the perfect place to hold the first MARBLING & MARROW Christmas party, AKA Su and Paul go for dinner…

Salted & Hung


The minute you walk in you can tell that the people working there love what they’re doing and are really passionate about the food they serve. You’re first introduced to the menu and the specials on the blackboard. The waiter had an in-depth knowledge of all the dishes and could explain them at great length. The atmosphere inside Salted & Hung is very cool with George Orwell quotes on the wall and artwork reminiscent of Quentin Blake’s illustrations in Roald Dahl books.


Salted & Hung have a great drinks menu of wines, beers and cocktails. I had a pisco sour and Paul had an old fashioned, as usual, both were good, but nothing special.


At Salted & Hung you can either go a la carte or opt for their ‘Feed Me’ menu, which is a tasting menu of 9 plates for $75++. As it’s December they had a Festive Feed Me menu, which is what we both ordered. One of their specials caught our eye, it was sea urchin (or uni), lardo, and caviar, on sourdough toast with chive oil and fermented prawn oil. We decided to have this as a little snack before the Feed Me began.

Salted & Hung uni
Sea Urchin, Lardo, Caviar, on Sourdough Toast ($18)
Salted & Hung Charcuterie

The sea urchin was nice, but I thought the oil masked the flavour somewhat. However, the combination of urchin and lardo was genius. The Feed Me menu started with charcuterie, which consisted of lardo, saucisson, cured pork, duck rillette, and gin-pickled cucumber. Everything was delicious. The lardo (cured pork fat) had a honey dressing and was topped with festive red and green garnish. The duck rillette was tender and topped with a generous amount of fat. Everything was fatty, salty, and morish! The clever thing about this dish was the gin pickled cucumber, it really refreshed your palate ready for the next course.

Salted & Hung Cotechino
Cotechino & Braised Lentils
Salted & Hung Cabbage and bone marrow
Roasted Cabbage and Bone Marrow

The next two dishes were the Cotechino with Lentils and the Roasted Cabbage. Cotechino is an Italian pork sausage and is traditionally served with lentils on New Year’s Eve to bring money for the new year. We will keep you posted on the money part, but for now, we can tell you that the sausage was wonderful. It was paired with lentils that had been braised and highly reduced in red wine giving you a meaty slap in the face – not for the faint-hearted. Now the cabbage was one of my favourites on the menu, it was roasted, providing a firm texture with a char to die for. Then, as if it couldn’t get any better, it was covered in fatty explosions of bone marrow. Drool.

Salted & Hung Steak
Rump Cap and Roasted Carrots
Salted & Hung charred corn
Charred Corn, Shallots, and Lard

This steak was the most beautiful steak I had ever seen – if you can call a steak beautiful?! The crust they had managed to create was phenomenal and it was still rare and tender inside. The dish was topped off with roasted carrots and garlic with a celeriac puree.  The charred corn was my least favourite of the dishes, not to say it was bad, it just didn’t wow me as much as the others and I thought it lacked some favour.

Salted & Hung gingerbread
Gingerbread, Chestnut, and Vanilla
Salted & Hung
Christmas Sweet Treat

Salted & Hung really outdid themselves on the dessert front. I would say it’s one of the best, if not the best dessert I have ever had in a restaurant. It is an explosion of gingerbread but not as you would expect it. There is vanilla ice cream that is sitting on the most Christmasy of nut, the chestnut, that has been candied to perfection. A shard of meringue flavoured with ginger sits in ice cream. I think this is a stroke of genius as I usually don’t like meringue because it is generally too sweet. But if you then add spice to it such as ginger the sweetness actually brings out the favour of the spice more and you are left with the intense gingerbread flavour of Christmas. And to top it all off, a zingy ginger granita is sprinkled on the dish at your table, which brings a freshness to help you forget all the meaty, fatty calories you have just consumed. This wonderful night was finished with Christmas tree gingerbread cookies – Perfect.


Can you tell we liked Salted & Hung? Not only did their concept as a restaurant speak to our inner meaty soul but we would say it’s up there in the top three dining experiences we have had. We cannot recommend Salted & Hung enough and if you’re here over the festive period they’re doing a brunch with free flow booze over the Christmas and New Years weekends!

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