Ruen Tamarind | Authentic Thai in Chiang Mai

50/1 Rajdamnoen Road, Tamarind Village Hotel, Sriphoom, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand | website | map | opening 11am-10.30pm |

Walking into the Tamarind Village Hotel feels like walking into a secluded oasis. Ruen Tamarind is their restaurant that anyone can visit, serving authentic Northen Thai dishes that are exquisitely presented. My Thai mum said that the spring rolls were as good as hers, and that’s saying something! Have a look at the other places we ate at in Thailand.

Ruen Tamarind


As you walk through the bamboo-lined path that leads to Tarmarind Village Hotel, you get a sense that you are walking away from all the hustle and bustle and into a tranquil heaven. We visited Ruen Tamarind in the evening and it had a romantic atmosphere with lots of candles. You can either sit inside or outside by the pool. The service was great and the staff made you feel very welcome. Ruen Tamarind is somewhere to come if you really want to be looked after.

Ruen Tamarind


Mum had a Mai Tai and I ordered what I always order when I’m getting a cocktail, a margarita, obvs! All the cocktails are 270 Baht. They were solid offerings but didn’t knock your socks off.

Ruen Tamarind


Ruen Tamarind specialises in Northen Thai (Lanna) cuisine which is my favourite; lots of sticky rice, chilli dips, and minced meat herb salads. We ordered the Por Pai Poo (spring rolls with crab meat; 230 Baht), Larb Moo Kua (minced pork with local herbs; 220 Baht), Gaeng Ped Yang Linchee (Roasted duck and lychee in red curry sauce; 390 Baht) Sai Oua & Nam Prik Num platter (Chaing Mai’s spicy sausage with grilled green chilli dip and mixed vegetables; 290 Baht), and lots of lots of sticky rice.

Ruen Tamarind

Now let’s talk about their spring rolls. Spring rolls are one of my favourite foods to eat, but only if they’re made by my mum. Nothing has ever come close to beating the Thai-style ones made by her. The Vietnamese give spring rolls a good try their own way, but they still taste quite different. Then we came to Ruen Tamarind, hallelujah. If you come here you must get these babies. The taste is so good and I probably couldn’t tell the difference between these ones and the ones from my childhood, and that’s saying something. Even my mum said they were as good as hers and I don’t think she’s ever said that about anything she’s not made herself.

Everything we ordered was really tasty and presented with care. The mince pork salad scooped up with a ball of sticky rice was heaven, the duck curry had a wonderful hint of sweetness from the lychee and the spicy sausage had a really intense herby flavour.


Ruen Tamarind is one of mine and my mum’s favourite places we visited in Thailand. Although on the pricey side it is worth it for the authentic taste and attention to detail they give to their dishes.

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