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Japan, 〒150-0013 Tokyo, 渋谷区Ebisu, 1−6−6 | website | map |

One of the best places you can get ice cream in Tokyo is Japanese Ice Ouca, located in Ebisu area. They do unusual flavours very well, such as pumpkin, cherry blossom, brown sugar, as well as the Japanese classics, red bean, matcha, and sesame. See our other reviews of places we visited in Japan.

Ice Ouca


Japanese Ice Ouca is a cute little ice cream cafe located in Ebisu in Tokyo. The place is rather small with only a few seats inside so we recommend getting your ice cream to go and enjoy sightseeing the rest of the area with your favourite flavour in hand.


I really wanted to try the Matcha and roasted tea flavours but as Paul has an unnatural hatred towards tea we had to instead opt for the milk, brown sugar, and pumpkin flavours, which also sounded fantastic. The ice cream served at Ouca is rich and creamy but one thing that really stands out is their mastery of the flavours. I’m not usually one for Asian flavours of ice cream but at Ouca they get it just right, with the true flavour coming through without being over the top or sickly sweet.

Japanese Ice Ouca

My favourite was the brown sugar ice cream, which was just as good as it sounds. The milk flavour also won me over. At first, I thought that it might be a bit boring but I think it is the quality of the milk that gives it a rich and indulgently creamy texture. The pumpkin was a little bit on the wild side for us but definitely, recommend if you are feeling adventurous.

Japanese Ice Ouca

A fun little surprise was that they put what we think is salted seaweed under the pot. I guess the idea is to have something savoury after all the sweet ice cream. It tasted like a powered stock cube, which wasn’t for me but Paul was very happy (he has been known to munch on a stock cube or two as a snack while cooking…)


Japanese Ice Ouca is a great little place to stop for dessert while in Tokyo – don’t miss the brown sugar ice cream!

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