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970, Taiwan, Hualien County, Hualien City, 忠孝街70號 | map | website | opening: 2pm-1pm, closed Tuesdays |

Choco Choco is a very cute chocolate cafe in Hualien, Taiwan. They sell handmade chocolates, cakes and hot drinks. The perfect place to take refuge from the rain over a steaming hot chocolate drink. See our other reviews of places we visited in Taiwan.


Choco Choco Taiwan


Most people find themselves in Hualien if they are visiting Taiwan’s breathtaking Taroko Gorge, which is a short bus ride away. It was raining for most of the time we were in Hualien so decided to go for a nice hot cup of cocoa to warm ourselves up and Choco Choco was the perfect place to do this.

Choco Choco Taiwan

Choco Choco is a super cute cafe with strong hipster vibes. The person who served us was lovely and polite, and he really made you feel at home in their space. Choco Choco has two floors and we decided to sit upstairs, which was decorated with quirky art, bits and bobs from yesteryear, and lots of coffee table books to look through while stuffing your face with chocolate.


Choco Choco has an extensive menu of hot and cold drinks, teas, coffee, kinds of milk, all of which you have the option of adding in your tipple of choice (my kinda coffee shop!) We ordered the hot chocolate (150 TWD), which was served in the most beautiful handmade pottery. For that matter, all the tableware was one-of-a-kind, which added a lovely homely touch. Opposite Choco Choco there’s a pottery shop, that probably explains all of this, but unfortunately, it wasn’t open when we visited.

Choco Choco had a wonderful selection of handmade chocolates with flavours such as chilli, wine and green tea. We played it safe and ordered salted caramel (40TWD) and walnut rock (30TWD). We couldn’t resist the brownie (75TWD) which looked more like a cake but so, so tempting.

The hot chocolate was very comforting without being sickly sweet, it was more akin to the hot chocolates you get in the UK rather than the thick and rich ones from the rest of Europe. This suited me perfectly as it reminded me of home. The chocolates were of very high quality, and even though they were dark chocolate, weren’t too bitter and still retained a nice rich sweetness. The brownie was to die for, although more of a fondant or melt in the middle pudding than a brownie, but we weren’t complaining! It was delicious!

Choco Choco Taiwan


Choco Choco is run by people that love what they do. You can tell this by the little touches that really make this place stand out from the handmade chocolates and cakes to their attention to detail in the presentation. It’s a perfect place to come and read a book or to look out the window for a bit of people watching.

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