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20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore, 088391 | website | map | nearest MRT: Outram Park

Burnt Ends, as the name suggests, specialise in barbeque with a modern Australian twist. They offer small plates to share, which is great if you are with a group of friends. As meat lovers, this place was at the top of our list of places to try in Singapore. They are number 53(!) in the world’s best restaurant list so definitely worth checking out!


Burnt Ends is very hipster (in a good way), from the bearded, leather apron wearing grill masters to the pared-back aesthetic. As expats from London, who used to live in the East End, a little hipster never scared us! Another tick on the hipster list is that they don’t take reservations after 6.30pm, so you have to walk in and hope for the best. Be prepared to queue, especially on a Friday night – their capacity is pretty small. Trust us; it’s worth the wait.

Once you’re taken to your seat, the experience is unique. There is a long timber dining bar right in front of the grills so you get a front row seat to where the magic happens. You feel like you are really part of the cooking and get to understand how the dish is made. One thing that is not hipster is the service, they really make an effort to ensure you are looked after. From making suggestions on what you should order to chatting while making your drinks, you definitely feel like you’re welcome.


We had gins all round. Standard. However, Burnt Ends have a decent selection of wines including small family wineries, as well as, cocktails using spirits from artisan distillers, and a continually changing craft beer selection from America, Europe, and Japan. Gotta love a craft beer with your barbeque.


First up was beef marmalade with pickles ($14). Tender beef in a thick, sticky sauce that has an intense depth of flavour. On its own it would be too over-powering but served on mayo toast is perfect and the pickles cut through the sweetness of the meat wonderfully.

Burnt Ends Singapore

Next was Jacobs Ladder ($14) which is melt in the mouth short rib steak served on creamy mustard mash. The meat was cooked to perfection. The dark caramelised bits on the outside gave the meat that undoubtedly barbeque flavour that we love. This dish is a must have!

Burnt Ends Singapore

Another star of the show was the Burnt Ends’ Sanger ($20) – a mouth watering concoction of pulled pork shoulder, coleslaw, chipotle aioli all in a brioche bun. Yes, brioche! You heard me right! Finally somewhere in Singapore that has the decency to put their meat in a brioche bun. jk. But seriously, Singapore’s adversity to the brioche is mind boggling (we would love to be proved wrong so if you think we are, please, let us know).

Anyway, back to Burnt Ends, the Sanger is damn tasty, the pulled pork is really flavoursome, and the savoury richness of the meat balances the slight sweetness of the brioche bun, with a kick from the chipotle. The coleslaw is excellent and gives the dish some bite. This is the kind of food that makes you do a little happy dance in your seat (I hope that’s not just us?!).

For mains, we also had the sucking pig and cider ($60 to share between two). We found this the most disappointing out of all the dishes we tried. The skin wasn’t crispy at all and was quite chewy, which made it hard to eat and there wasn’t much meat. We got the last one of the day, so maybe it was just a dodgy one? Still, not good.

Burnt Ends Singapore

The desserts really excelled. We had the buttered sugar cake with smoked ice cream ($12) and the mint chocolate ($12). Buttered sugar cake, though! Could anything sound better than that?! butter – yes, sugar – yes, cake – yes! It ticked all the boxes and then topped it off with a dollop of smoked ice cream that took it to the next level. The mint chocolate was mint ice cream coupled with chocolate crumb and fresh mint. The perfect dessert to finish on.

Burnt Ends Singapore


We may be a bit bias as we live and breath meat but Burnt Ends is one of our top places to eat in Singapore. Others must agree as they have made it onto the World’s top 100 list. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but you pay for what you get and Burnt Ends has a lot to offer. If you’re on the hunt for some top notch meat Burnt Ends has you covered.

Let us know what your top meaty restaurants are in the comments below.


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