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#01-03, 115 Amoy Street, 069935 | website | map | Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer.

We have long been on a quest to find the best burgers in Singapore. I have to say that this has been quite a hard task in Singapore, as the burger scene is not as well catered for compared to other big cities such as London (where we used to live).

In the face of this adversity, we have found some places that cater to the most distinguished of burger connoisseurs.  One of these is the aptly named the Burger Joint.


This place has a very underground and rough around the edges feel, which is what we love; it reminds us of the places we used to eat at in London. The place is a little small so we suggest arriving early to avoid disappointment, however, we managed to share a table with another group which added to the friendly atmosphere.


The Burger Joint has an amazing selection of craft beers on offer that can be the perfect complement to your burger. I always love a place that offers something extra to the standard brand name pints served in most places. They are a little pricey at $15 for a half and $23 for a pint, but I think it’s worth it. If you’re into drinking your calorie allowance then go for one of their milkshakes. They’re going to give you that addictive golden ratio 1:1 fat to sugar (Krispy Kreme I’m looking at you).

Burger Joint burgers in Singapore


Now on to the main event – the burger. What is great about this place is that you can customise the burger to your liking by adding salad, cheese and sauces. I always get a cheese burger with everything, just because I’m greedy. Paul always has his ‘control’ burger a cheeseburger with nothing apart from the standard tomato/lettuce/pickle/burger sauce accompaniments; maybe blue cheese if he’s feeling adventurous and it’s available. This brings him back to his scientist days as he wants to be able to accurately compare burgers between restaurants (insert nerd emoji here). Prices start at $17.10 for a regular hamburger and fries are $5.50.

Burger Joint burgers in Singapore

The one let down here is the lack of a brioche bun for your burger. There’s a reason it’s become the go-to trend for burger places to use brioche for their bread of choice; because it’s tasty! Maybe London made us too hipstery but when I don’t get the good stuff, I can’t help but be a little disappointed.

Burger Joint burgers in Singapore


Burger Joint serves one of the top burgers in Singapore. The burgers are flavoursome; very moist without being too juicy (I hate it when the bun gets soaked through). They give you that real meaty kick which is what you expect from a good burger joint. Their chips are also up to par, crispy while still having enough substance to fill you up. That all washed down with a craft beer is a night well spent. If you are in the Chinatown area and looking for a good burger restaurant this is the place to go. Burger Joint has the edge over Potato Head, IMO.

We would love to hear where you get your burger fix, please let us know in the comments below!


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