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We wanted to go hard on our meat game in Bali, so we decided to get down to Barbacoa in Seminyak. These guys specialise in barbeque, so they know a thing or two about meat, and I tell you what, they did not disappoint. We were so impressed that we went back again for lunch before our flight back.



The mood of the restaurant, if not for a better word, romantic! They have glorious high ceilings with some damn good moody lighting – they give you a little torch to see your menu. The service is extremely attentive, and you feel very well looked after. This makes a change from living in Singapore, I tell you!


margarita Barbacoa bali


The drinks, oh the drinks. I have to say that they outdid themselves in this department. I’m a sucker for a margarita. I’ll order one without fail if they’re on the menu, and I’ve mastered the art of the margarita at home. So when I saw frozen margaritas on the menu at Barbacoa, I obviously had to order one. Oh my word, these margaritas though! I’m pretty sure they were the best I have ever tasted. You need to have these.



Barbacoa is known for their eight-hour wood-fired pig, that they roast over a pit fire in the restaurant all day. Sounds amazing, yes, and I have a pretty big regret that we did not try it (weep). The thing is that there was octopus on the menu, which I hardly ever see. I love octopus and because I never really get to eat it I had to order it. Paul wanted the steak; he always wants steak. So, we were going to have the roast pig as a starter, but our waitress said that would be too much food. And we listened to her (stupidly, we definitely could have eaten it all), we even tried to go for lunch before our flight to try it, but obviously, it needs the whole day to cook (sigh). Anyways we will be back!


On to what we ate. Paul had the charcoal grilled rib-eye (250K IDR), which had a phenomenal char, providing an excellent rich flavour. It came with a salsa verde that was very tasty, but the meat really didn’t need anything else, it was so good. I had the charcoal grilled octopus (140K IDR) that was perfectly cooked, tender, with a slight smokiness on the outside from the charcoal. It came with crispy discs of polenta and chorizo which worked well in the dish adding texture and a bit of spice. We also ordered the Spanish potatoes (60K IDR) to share, which were out of this world crispy and seasoned with paprika salt and garlic aioli, the portion is huge so defiantly one to share.


For dessert, Paul had the chocolate fondant cake (60K IDR) which was bordering on being too rich, but thankfully the portion size was just right. I had the crème Catalana (60K IDR), which is basically a Spanish crème brûlée. My, oh my, this was good, lovely and creamy and there was no burnt acrid taste which many a brûlée succumb to. It was just huge though, so I would recommend sharing this one.

Barbacoa bali


We popped back to Barbacoa for lunch before our flight. We had the steak again, as well as the burrata with tomato and basil dressing (120K IDR), burnt carrots (65K IDR), honey chicken drumettes (70K IDR), pulled pork slider (45K IDR), and the scallops (150K IDR). All were very good, but the star of the show was the scallops that came with a spicy pea puree and serrano ham. They were perfectly cooked, and the slight spice coming from the peas really lifted the dish and enhanced the sweetness of the scallops.


Barbacoa is the best place we ate at on our trip to Bali, and we will most certainly be coming back on our next trip over there. They obviously have an extensive knowledge of how to cook meat and how best to serve it. There really isn’t anything to fault, only that we were told that the pig would be too much food! Next time we will stick to our instincts and order as much meat as we see fit!

What is your favourite meat destination in Bali? Let us know in the comments below.


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