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10491, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, 民族東路410巷2弄18號 | map | website | opening: 6am-12am |

Addiction Aquatic Development in Taipei is a treasure trove of delights for the seafood lover. It has everything you could ever want in one place, a fish market, sushi bar, seafood bar, hotpot restaurant, charcoal grill restaurant, hot/cold takeaway food, supermarket, and even a florist! See our other reviews of places we ate at in Taiwan.


Addiction Aquatic Development is a very cool concept. I love how it feels like a fish market but also incorporates a fantastic dining experience. Inside the main building holds most of Addiction Aquatic Development’s eateries. There is the standing sushi bar, the seafood bar, and upstairs is the hotpot restaurant. These eateries sit amongst the supermarket where you can buy food to take home to cook or that is ready to eat. Addiction Aquatic Development is really a one-stop shop for everything and anything fishy!

Addiction Aquatic Development


We decided to eat at the Tresors De La Mer, the restaurant outside on the second floor (above the charcoal grill). You get to chose what you want to eat from the fresh seafood in front of the restaurant and you can specify how you would like it cooked, steamed, grilled, pan-fried. We chose grilled king prawns (0.33kg 630TWD), grilled king crab (1 leg 580TWD), and pan-fried whole snapper (0.49kg 620TWD).

The seafood was really fresh. Cooked simply by grilling, the pure seafood taste really came through and the sweetness of the meat was complemented by the charred and blackened parts from the charcoal grill. Now the star of the show was the pan-fried snapper, my God was that tasty. It may have been a little on the salty side for some but of me, it was just right. Crispy on the outside revealing soft and perfectly cooked flesh on the inside – perfection.

Addiction Aquatic Development


If you are in Taipei you have to go here! I couldn’t possibly think of any reason you wouldn’t, I guess maybe if you’re a vegetarian or allergic to seafood…

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