MARBLING & MARROW is a very meaty food blog brought to you by Paul and Su. We are not trying to sell you a lifestyle choice and we are defiantly not plant-based. We want to share what we love to cook and eat. It’s just a happy coincidence that it involves meat 90% of the time.

We believe that if you’re going to eat meat, it’s important to show respect for the animal and get the best out of the ingredient. MARBLING & MARROW showcases tried and tested recipes that let the meat become the star of the show.

Everyone should be able to make great food to share with family and friends which is why we work to create complete plates that can be easily replicated to impress your guests. We take our inspiration from classical cooking methods and bold flavour combinations that work in harmony.

In the end, we want to make and share food that tastes great.

MARBLING & MARROW is Paul and Su, two British expats currently living and working in Singapore. #meatsweats

Meat Paul

Paul Braker is an ex-scientist, music-obsessive, wannabe-chef from Leicester, UK. Paul takes care of all the recipe development and cooking for MARBLING & MARROW. He tries to bring a little bit of the scientific method to his cooking while still focusing on classic techniques and flavours.

Meat Su

Supatra Marsh is a current scientist, fried squid-obsessive, wannabe-artist from Hampshire, UK. Su has to do everything else because Paul can just cook, that’s it. jk. She shoots and edits all the photos and looks after the website. She has always had a love for art and design ever since her childhood when her dad said she should get a real job. Unfortunately, she took her dad’s advice is now channelling all her artistic frustrations¬†through MARBLING & MARROW.

Contact us at hello@marblingandmarrow.com